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Homer G. Phillips Memorial Hospital

Providing State-Of-The-Art Healthcare To The Community We Serve

We are committed to enhancing our community by providing readily accessible, patient-focused health care. We will build a sustainable, high impact model of community health and wellness.

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Guiding Principles We Live By

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We restore and nurture connections across our communities.
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We listen to and accept everyone’s life experiences with empathy and humility.
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We demonstrate care and concern by understanding and advocating for each patient’s and family’s needs and preferences.
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We advance community health by promoting healthy choices, hope and healing in every interaction, relationship and situation.
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We foster physical and psychological wellbeing in every encounter with patients and their families, and across our communities.

Our Services

Homer G. Phillips
Memorial Hospital
  • Inpatient Hospital Care
  • Emergency Room
  • 24/7 Operations
  • Diagnostic Imaging
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Finding Us
Homer G Phillips Memorial Hospital is located at 1320 N Jefferson Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63106 and is approximately 2 miles northwest of the Gateway Arch on St. Louis’ North Side adjacent the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency which is currently under construction.
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Honoring a Legacy of Dedicated Care & Community Service

Portrait - Homer G. Phillips

Homer G. Phillips dedicated his life’s work to the establishment of St. Louis’ first, and one of America’s most important, hospitals serving the black community.

In addition to caring for those most in need of professional medical attention, ‘Homer G’ was a place of learning and opportunity for persons who would otherwise have little or no chance for careers as physicians, nurses, and healthcare professionals.

In establishing a new hospital on the site of what was historic Pruitt-Igoe – and in association with Ponce Health Sciences University of St. Louis – we aspire to deliver high-quality healthcare and ever-expanding opportunities in health education and careers for all.

It is our goal to foster a culture that honors tradition, facilitates advancement and celebrates diversity. Through respectful service, we also aspire to carry on the hard work, spirit of unity and community pride that are the legacy of our namesake. Homer G. Phillips

Join Our Team & Make A Difference

Are you a healthcare worker who aspires to deliver high-quality care and advance community health for those who live and work in our North St. Louis neighborhoods?

If so, we would love to talk to you about how you can help us provide much needed, compassionate healthcare in our community while advancing your own career.

Please click on the links provided to see the jobs for which we currently have openings.
  • Access to State-of-the-Art Medical Technology
  • Respectful, Diverse & Equitable Working Environment
  • Competitive & Comprehensive Healthcare and benefits package
  • The Gratification Of Making A Difference In Health Of Those Most In Need
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